Quick Note

It’s what you may have been told that you can’t give up right now, because you have been through a lot and you had spent time, effort or money on it. It leads us to the thinking trap. That’s what we called suck cost bias.

I aways convinced myself that only thing I could do in this universe, is working as a product expert in software company. There are number of reasons keep me not to give up right now. I guess it’s nice pay and great power (maybe). I enjoy talking to intellectual professionals. Being work in the IT field, somehow it makes me feel SMART…or STUPID.

Recently, I totally confused, frustrated and fucked up!

I’m already over thirty but I still can’t find a place where belongs to me VERY WELL.

I have some role models in my life. Ellen DeGeneres is my bast character. She has witty insight and knows how to fool herself. For me, she is the MASTER of LIFE.

Yesterday I accidentally watched a video from GOTO conference. The speak is a senior UX designer from Denmark, her name is Janne Jul Jensen. I felt like I suppose to have a similar career as she has. UX research, PHD degree attained as well as a reliable and prosperous career from hometown. It’s very impressive and huge! But, I’m not! I travel a LOT and give up halfway a LOT and being confused a LOT! That’s so me!

Tonight, I have to write gist of my interview slides. My brain is entirely blank and mind is completely lost. Doesn’t it sound awful? But now I have suck cost bias. Screw me!

OK! The gist of what could be,

  1. Case problem statement and background
  2. UX Challenges, limitations on startup (MM)
  3. UX in a Agil process
  4. UX plan time frame, documentation (research, sketches, wireframe, graphic, flow carts, product requirement)
  5. UX test and validation (continue testing in each sprint, usability testing and so on)
  6. UX measurement (A/B testing, GA)
  7. Inputs

Is a quick note? YES!


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