Feature factory

Now I’m working on a eCommerce project is cross-border trading. It’s quite challenge to cooperate with mates who think UX is not necessarily essential for product development. Before I joined in this team, they even don’t know what UX is and what process might be. Gosh! that’s really challenge. Over past months I was carrying on user research and produced several reports regarding customer profiles. So, I created personas driven by data. This is simply just a start and yet more education to be involved. My mates need to learn how to work on the users which they need and want. Otherwise, we are just nothing but a feature factory. This is article I read lately and quite catch the point. I only picked some points resonate powerfully with me.

  • No measurement
  • Rapid shuffling of teams
  • No connection to core metrics
  • No PM retrospectives
  • Obsessing about prioritization (ignore the customer needs)
  • No tweaking (Unbelievable, no iterations?)
  • Culture of hand-offs (Now I start to build UX ready-ready)
  • Large batches
  • ….

A tweet about my persona stuff.


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