Initial Stage: Customer Journey Map

Well, Customer Journey Map, this has been a popular topic in my org lately. Before Christmas, I started to initiate Customer Journey map with my colleague from Customer Care. Since I worked as UX practitioner in eCommerce, I always feel it never ever can be easier to sway stakeholders getting on board with UX, especially, I’m building a software as a service(SAAS), rather than the product facing end-users. What I actually meant is I’m shaping seller’s online experience, not a online shopping experience. In so doing, the UX approach is bloody different. As I remember when I worked in Yahoo(10 years ago), I was usability engineer, what I done is testing wether or not the site is being friendly for buyers. There’re some typical metrics, for example, completion/failure rate, time on page, learnability, satisfaction and so on. It’s remarkable that I had this basics as foundation when it comes to UX professional’s skill set. As time goes by, UX professional demands much more along with the revolution of IT stuff. Again, I don’t bloody care what does that mean for lean UX or UX plus Designer or other fancy terms. What I truly believe is facilitating team how UX works and benefits across department, to ensure both business goals and user’s needs are met. Now, it’s absolutely not enough to just test if your site is passed by Usability metrics or not. It’s all bout how you’d think business of UX. We should think form UX as process and deeply inspect at each phase of customer journey from beginning to end(disconnect service). Through our research hypothesis, test and bring the result back to stakeholders. By quickly briefing, let them see customer’s behaviour through your research report. So, what I’m talking is educating UX in origination. And the best way is not only work as tester. Getting out with other departments and start to think customer experience from top down wit high level structure. Here’s where Customer Journey Map comes in. It reveals how customers interact with product service we’re providing for and how do they feel and think as pain points. Next, what I’m going to do is quantifying customer experience.



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