about me

Hi, there,

I have 10 years of experience on product design and focus on being a UX matter expert in agile and fast paced start-up. The filed I focus on is cross-border trading eCommerce and finical technology.

And they way how I work as being a UX professional is user-centric and behavioural data driven. My main skills are about Usability testing, A/B testing, Customer Experience Journey, persona building, prototyping and facilitating in org.

On this blog, I just keep writing down what I have learned from each project and keep me alerted on UX trends and perhaps I’ll meet more UX geeks like me.

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P.S. I’m not a expert writer. Don’t correct my grammar or typo. I know I’m not good at this. But I’ll be happy if there’s any of piece of information that you feel useful! Just lemme know what your feedback is. Thank you.
Follow me on twitter @bullfrogou